Squash blossom risotto, limoncello custard alla fragola, little wild strawberries everywhere here ! So many homemade preserves and pastries at breakfast, southern Italian farm grandma goes so hard I LOVE her and she was so patient and funny with us speaking half french half Italian lil English mixup to her ! Apiary and wine cellar, did liquors of citrus fruits and then the blueberry one that was too strong Lol

Casa Palomba in Maioris cute space in the first two, il Piano della Corte in Santa Barbara di Ceraso utilizing the solar and pressin olives, Velia ancient city of Magna Graecia founded in ~500 BC, original tiling of the baths

Really huge hens !! Cistern of the farms irrigation system with always running water which is cold and clear 🌀 the pipe system is an ancient aqua-flume that carried water through the steppes of the lemon groves in all of the valley. It runs along a low rock wall and utilizes gravity pretty well. It crosses rivers and goes by some other ancient stone dwellings. One of our hosts Bruno said that they’d slide babies down it with some fig leaf slippers to clean it out LOL ok. Now they run a pipe for water laid across the same system ! It works !